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My son and I on the journey to a BETTER LIFE!!!


Dear Friend;

The purpose of this website is to connect you to a service or information that is of value to you, the reader. Take time and check out each section. We are continually updating and adding new opportunities and offerings.

What you find here are pieces of my journey, experiences of my life that have been the guiding force of growth and expansion for me.

Therefore I offer them to you. These tools, ideas, thoughts and teachings are tried and true for myself, my family, and hundreds of others who’ve shared them over the years.

MISSION: My mission at A BETTER LIFE is to offer and teach BETTER LIFESTYLE CHOICES, leading to a happier, more fulfilling life for you and your family.

VISION: My vision at A BETTER LIFE is to inspire others to achieve freedom and success. Working together, we identify beliefs that hold people back and explore new choices. Solutions are introduced which offer opportunities for growth and change leading an individual to their highest potential.

I welcome your input, questions and presence.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you.

In Love and Support of A BETTER LIFE,


Ordained Ministerial Counselor Lifestyle Trainer