About Kathryn

Hello! I grew up in NYS in the apple orchards along Lake Ontario. I come from a large family of 8 children and have lived in this rural area all my life.

As the second oldest child in my family, I was a natural caretaker of my younger siblings. I believe this led me to a life of ministry. Also growing up on a large farm bordering Lake Ontario many hours were spent playing, walking and discovering the POWER of nature. This led me to study natural ways of living and how the plants themselves support every aspect of who we are. In addition, I observed the animals and was introduced by a teacher early in life to animal totems. Our relationships with certain creatures reveals important messages to us if we are in harmony with our natural being and what is happening around us.

I believe in the power of relationships and support. My time is spent developing and building relationships with others excited about living a successful and free life.

Ministering to others is my heart and my passion. I pursued and received my certification as an Ordained Ministerial Counselor after a three year study with Pathways of Light, and also received a 2nd certification, becoming ordained as a Lightwing Minister Practitioner with Life Spirit CC Seminary. As a Spiritual Counselor and Minister, I teach and guide others to a better life of their choice.  I also work in the capacity of a Personal Coach, and Young Living Essential Oils Educator.

I started on my own path to A BETTER LIFE in 2002. I resigned from my full-time job with NYS Department of Labor after hearing God’s call to form a partnership with Him. That call started an intense journey to educate myself in the world of Essential oils, by studying with the father of the modern day essential oil movement, D. Gary Young.  I learned how powerful essential oils are and what they can do to repair, rejuvenate and realign the human body, mind and spirit.

My life immediately changed for the better. I made many new friends who enriched all areas of my life tremendously. I studied nonstop as Young Living Essential Oils became the greatest passion of my life! Not only did I find greater health and wellness for myself and my son;  our wealth increased as well! In a mere 5 years I exceeded the income I was earning at the state job I’d had for 23 years!

Today I offer this same opportunity to you, if you hear a calling in your life! I welcome you to join me and meet a group of folks who are loving life, and working towards their highest potential. If you are interested in learning a natural way to be healthy, living above the wellness line, I can help you. If you desire to increase your financial status, that is also available!

Find me here www.yldist.com/kathrynfaso and sign up for my newsletter, and my FREE 21 day class delivered to your email which teaches you the basics of YL Essential Oils and their uses. Also, I am on Facebook as Kathryn Faso, and would welcome your friend request.

My email is kathrynfaso@gmail.com

Ordained Ministerial Counselor Lifestyle Trainer