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Today we continually hear about toxicity and genetically modified foods that we are exposed to everyday. We know this is not good for us, but, I think, some of us feel that there is nothing we can do about it.


There is definitely something we can do about it. We can use natural cleaning agents and eat natural foods as much as possible. Luckily, for us there is a company in the U. S. that specializes in natural products. This company is Young Living Essential Oils. It was founded by D. Gary Young, who was looking for non-toxic and natural solutions for living in today’s world.


Young Living Essential Oils (known as YLEO) are distilled from plants grown in unaltered soil and without chemicals. The oils are safe to use and promote a toxic-free and chemical free life style. (See


One of these YLEO products is called Thieves. Gary first produced Thieves as an oil and since then has incorporated it into the Thieves product line which includes several products including cleaner, hand soap, throat lozenges and spray. The cleaner is one of my favorite products because I can use it to clean my house without the use of toxic chemicals. So, what is in Thieves you may ask. It is a combination of cloves, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus – all natural and all capable of killing bacteria and other harmful organisms. Blended together they create a great pleasant smelling and powerful cleaner. And while you are cleaning, you experience the benefit of inhaling the aroma and getting a clean bathroom!!


You are probably thinking that Thieves is an odd name for a product that can kill harmful bacteria. Well, here’s the history behind it. In the 15th century, Europe was ravished by a deadly plague. People were dying and the plague was extremely contagious. A group of 4 thieves were robbing the dead and dying, but they themselves seemed immune to the disease. When they were finally captured, the king asked them how they managed to survive being exposed to the plague. They revealed that they used a combination of clove and rosemary and other botanicals which they carried with them and inhaled. Hence, the name Thieves.

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