Let nature take its course

“Let nature take its course,” an expression I’ve heard all my life, has been in my mind a lot in the recent months. The shores of Lake Ontario in upstate New York, where I grew up and still live, puts nature squarely in the forefront of your life and vision. You witness daily the force, beauty and impact nature has on your life.


Being a nature person, I have owned, observed and cared for animals for as long as I can remember. Right now, Rex, my German shepherd, is in the last stages of his life. Rex has been my companion and protector for 14 years. He is a sweet and gentle dog and over the years has put up with many other dogs, cats and me. As he declined in health, I wrestled with the question of whether or not I should “put him down” or “let nature take its course.” I decided to “let nature take its course.”


Day after day, as I have to help him walk and get up off the floor and in the middle of the night as he wakes me up I say to myself that I’m going to take him to the vet the next day, but when morning comes, I can’t do it. I look into his eyes and I remember the times we’ve had and I think “one more day.” I really have made the decision to “let nature take its course,” but I have to renew that decision every day.


I learned from Bob Proctor that it is important to make decisions in your life and stick with them until you have accomplished something. Sometimes it is not easy to stick with those decisions (as in Rex’s case), but if you don’t, then your life just becomes an endless journey of wandering and wondering and getting nowhere. That’s not the life I want to live. I want to get somewhere and accomplish my goals. So Rex will be with me until his body says it’s time to go.


Join me next time as I will get more into making decisions and sticking with them.

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