Open your Mind


The first Young Living Essential Oil I was exposed to was Canadian Red Cedar. I applied it to my wrist in the presence of a Hopi man named Limping Snow Wolf. The year was 1994 and Limping Snow Wolf was traveling around the country to spread the word about the Hopi prophecy. His message was mainly about the need for mankind to open up its mind and regain harmony with nature and each other. Too many people had closed their minds and were making judgments about others and their life styles. These kind of negative thoughts and judgments are counterproductive. We need to listen to information without judging it and keep our hearts and minds open. An open heart and mind will attract people to you in a positive way. Positive thoughts and actions will lead to positive results.


The application and inhalation of the Canadian Red Cedar allowed me to be open to the message that Limping Snow Wolf was imparting. I wanted to leave the low frequency that negative judgments brought on behind me and approach each new day on an open, positive note.


Unfortunately, we can no longer get Canadian Red Cedar oil but I have found that Cedarwood works in a similar fashion. Use it when you need to open your heart and let positive thoughts rule.


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