Readings with Kathryn

Private Readings with Kathryn

Everyone is special. We all come with DESTINY. Do you know who you are? Your gifts? Are you seeking your highest potential?

Kathryn has been providing individual, private readings for people professionally since 1992, in addition to serving people in need all her life. During a private reading, Kathryn connects energetically with you. Through this connection she receives impressions and messages from Spirit, which she then interprets for you. Her desire is to bring clarity and awareness of what energies are at work around you and to impart information and inspirational messages of specific importance to you.

Her intention is to inspire you to A BETTER LIFE.

When you sign up for a reading, you will be asked to provided your name, date of birth, address and phone number as well as a list of questions. Also, Kathryn will need the names and birth dates of people you have questions about.

All telephone readings must be paid in advance by money order or paypal.


All readings are recorded. The cost of a 30 min. reading is $75 USD. 45 min. reading is $100 USD.Looking for a holiday, birthday or “just because” gift? A reading would be perfect.

What length of reading would you like to purchase?


The 45 minute reading includes one follow up email within 30 days.

 All readings will be recorded for your future listening. They are sent via email and can be downloaded to your computer or MP3 player.


Private Party Readings


Want to earn a free reading for yourself or a loved one? Arrange a private party or event, book your guests, provide a quiet, closed room for the readings and you will get a reading for yourself at no charge.


Regular reading rates apply to all guests.


For more information or to schedule a party email



Ordained Ministerial Counselor Lifestyle Trainer