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Essential Oils

Kathryn’s Young Living site
This site is the site to research, browse and buy from Young Living. Here you will find the highest quality oils available today in the world. Young Living is the world leader in essential oil research, education and production of therapeutic grade essential oils, supplements and nutritionals.
Inspiration and information from and about the founder of Young Living, D. Gary Young.
This website introduces you to the power of Ninxgia Red, the wolfberry, the research and documentation of the nutritional whole food source that it is. Improve your life on many levels, drink Ningxia Red for the power of a whole food nutritional..
Abundant Health is a website that will provide you with products to supplement your knowledge and use of natural sources of promoting wellness naturally. Some of these products include books, cd’s, diffusers, gel caps, spray bottles for essential oil misters, etc.
This site is for those who are seeking business tools for their business of developing relationships with those in need of their services. This specifically applies to the world of Young Living Essential Oils.
Looking for what others have used for an ailment or challenge in their lives? This website will offer what someone else has done when faced with a challenge in their lives. Colds, snoring, muscle aches and pains, insect bites, and many many testimonies are available here.
Here you can actually see the farms of Young Living and how the oils is produced for you from seed to seal. This is where you can view the fields, and the distilleries.


Helpful people in the Healing World
Lisa is a Spiritual Counselor trained and ordained by Pathways of Light. Her insight and clarity in facilitating maximum health on all levels has helped many move beyond limitations. She is Mohawk Indian from Akwasasne, NY.
This is the website of Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, the International director for the coalition of drug awareness. Here you will find a wealth of information on prescription drugs, side affects, stories and help kicking the habit of depression medication. Dr. Tracy has made it her lifes work to inform people of the truth of the depression medications on the market today.
This is the website of Adam Dreamhealer. Adam is a young man who has introduced visualization in the area of healing thyself. He is a powerful young man who teaches one how to use this technique for themselves. Different thatn anyone else I have ever seen, I highly recommend him.
This site is a science-based initiative to unite millions of people in heart focused care and intention to shift global awareness.
Looking for the Stoneman? Kris is a sensitive intuitive Seer and healer and works in cooperation with Kathryn on all levels.
Looking for a spiritual mentor? Amma is a selfless individual known as an avatar. She has help thousands and thousands of people with her teachings and service.
This site introduces and offers classes centered around The Course in Miracles. It is an accredited college of Spiritual Awakening. There are classes in many aspects of The Revelation of truth in our lives. They also offer ministerial ordination to those seeking this path.

Ordained Ministerial Counselor Lifestyle Trainer