Dear Kathryn, I just want to thank you for all your help and to say I am in awe of your gift which has helped me so much.  From my first call last year I was amazed with the accuracy of the information coming from spirit through you. You truly do walk between two world’s!! Hearing from my brother Jim who passed so tragically over forty years ago to my dad’s passing over fifteen years ago, and even my beloved pet, you bring such comfort with their messages. I had not listened to the tape in a year and was astounded at how many things came to pass from my job to a vacation which I certainly never saw coming and  had no plans for, but you knew 9 months prior!!! I can only say I am sorry I had not called month’s before when your name kept coming up from others who had also had such excellent on the mark readings…..my very best to you, Lena

~ ~ ~

Hi Kathryn- I just wanted to tell you what a nice job you did last week.  The meditation was fantastic.  I slept like a rock that night and the next day I was FLYING! You know I’m pretty happy anyway but I couldn’t stop singing. I felt even more connected to spirit than usual.  I had to share this with you. Feel free to use any of this for a testimony if you like, and I thank you so much for being such a special friend and mentor.

Much love, Joyce

~ ~ ~

The messages that I have received from Kathryn have truly allowed me to grow spiritually, further resonating into all aspects of my life. For instance, the first time I met her, she helped me to become more aware of my spirit guide, whom other teachers have described to me as well. She’s directed me to people who continue to assist me in becoming my Highest Self. For that, I will always be greatful.

With love and light, Amanda 

~ ~ ~

Dear Kathryn, Just want to say thank you for a memorable time. It is so wonderful to spend time with you.  Your spirit & beauty radiate from within to make us all feel uplifted. You are always so in tune with everyone and Spirit at the same time. Thank you for the clarity and guidance.

With Much Love & Appreciation, Amy L.

Ordained Ministerial Counselor Lifestyle Trainer