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This past Friday night I was extremely fortunate to be able to attend an OOLA Dream Tour meeting in Rochester, New York. What an evening! OOLA means balance and the message was about getting and keeping your life in balance.


The co-founders of OOLA, Dr. Troy and Dr. Dave, spoke and entertained us for 90 minutes about how OOLA got started and where it is today. When they first formulated their idea two years ago, they approached some companies they thought would be open to collaborating with them. Luckily for us, Gary Young and Young Living saw the powerfulness of this message and agreed to get on board. After Gary heard their whole idea, he developed two oils to start the ball rolling – OOLA Grow and OOLA Balance. That was the start of this great relationship.


Now, a little more about the OOLA message and philosophy. There are seven areas in which you should have balance. They are FITNESS, FAITH, FAMILY, FIELD (career), FUN, FRIENDS and FINANCE. Put them in any order you want to, they are all pretty much equal in your life. Troy and Dave’s message was to analyze where you are now in each area (rate yourself between 1-10), decide where you want to be and set 3 goals to help you get there. Pick one of these goals and work on it faithfully. Don’t give up. When you have achieved that goal, work on another one. You can work on more than one at a time, but put your major focus on the one that is most important to you now.


Don’t let these obstacles get in your way: envy, laziness, misdirected focus, fear, guilt, anger, or self-sabotage. Use these qualities instead: humility, gratitude, love, discipline, wisdom, passion and integrity.


You can google these guys on the internet and see where they might be speaking next. If you want an uplifting and inspiring evening, go hear them speak.


For a Better Life,


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