Fall is a time of transition – the leaves change color, the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop. We get out our “winter” clothes and put away the “summer” ones (if you live where there is winter). We start preparing for the upcoming celebrations, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This year I’ll be making another transition – living without my constant 4 legged companion of the last 14 years, Rex. Rex and I bonded in many ways. He watched over me and helped keep me safe. I never felt alone or lonely when he was around. We would take long walks by the lake and he loved to chase small critters that intrigued him. I could talk to him (no, I’m not crazy) and he would listen intently. A little while ago I wrote in my blog that Rex was getting up in years and was having a hard time getting around. He continued to deteriorate to the point where I had to let him ago. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. The house seems so empty now. I really miss him, but, as you’ve heard before, life goes on. So, I will continue to transition from summer to fall to winter and to life without Rex. RIP my sweet friend.


For a better life,



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